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Modus Mutandi

Modus Mutandi - International Mail Art Project

Modus Mutandi - International Mail Art Project by Angela Caporaso
in co-operation with The Casa Museo Rossi
To take part in this project
Download the image : [Polymers by G. Rossi.PDF]
Make your own artwork on the back side of the image
Theme : Optical Art
Dimensions : maxA4 size ; please indicate your name, surname and date.
Technique : drawing, collage, painting ecc
No fees
Deadline : 15/9/2018
The works will not be returned, they will be included on the Fb Page:
Modus Mutandi mail art
Exhibition in 2018 in The Casa Museo Rossi – Casagiove (CE) - Italia
Send your contribution to : Angela Caporaso – via Roma 117 – 81100 Caserta - Italia


“L'unique chose stable c'est le mouvement” Jean Tinguely